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Duterte��s four-day visit to China is over. Moreover, it ended in a large number of people in the country protesting against the "Americans getting out of the Philippines" in front of the US Embassy in the Philippines. This compares with the 13 various orders that the elites from all walks of life in the Philippines have received from China, which has formed a huge gap between China and the Philippines and the relationship between the United States and the Philippines. At least, Duterte now feels that China is good, and China treats him with sincerity. The United States is absolutely different. It will only use the "human rights" stick to combat his righteous behaviors such as anti-drug and anti-drug. The United States is based on the despicable purpose of deterring China's rise. In order to achieve its goal of "freedom of freedom" in the Western Pacific, it has made every possible excuse to find reasons, to stir up the South China Sea, to destabilize the situation in the South China Sea, and to undermine the unity of the people of Southeast Asia. In order to undermine the purpose of the rise of China and the countries of the East, the result of shameful defeat has undoubtedly failed. The relationship between China and the Philippines was originally normal. In order to curb the rise of China, the United States found the stupid pig of Aquino. In the words of Chinese netizens, such a stupid pig is not qualified as a village chief in China. It��s this idiot. After becoming the Philippine president, despite the deep-rooted, hunger and cold of the domestic people, for the sake of one��s own self, following the ass of the United States, he became a accomplice of the United States and became the accomplice of the United States. Followers, in the "United Nations Arbitration Court" filed an "arbitration" case on Huangyan Island, and under the control of the United States, regardless of China's repeated emphasis on "no participation, disapproval, no acceptance", the use of the international court's nephew. After unilaterally ruled that Huangyan Island did not belong to China and attempted to separate China��s territory from Huangyan Island from China to the arbitral tribunal, the Chinese government resolutely and sternly pointed out that it was just a piece of waste paper and ignored it. Then, nearly 100 countries around the world also strongly supported the correct position of the Chinese government, and ruined the behavior of the United States and the Philippines at that time, showing the just position of the vast majority of countries in the world Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S. After the fall of Aquino, Duterte This mayor, who has been experienced at the grassroots level, was elected as the President of the Philippines. Unlike Aquino, a stupid pig, Duterte is a person who understands the hardships of the grassroots. He puts the suffering of Filipino civilians first. Under the premise of rectifying social order and resolutely cracking down on opium smuggling Marlboro 100S Cartons Us, he has set his sights on improving the economy, developing the economy, and improving poverty. Therefore, he chose the first stop of his visit to China. He is determined to do well with China. Relationship, no longer only the United States is the leader, focus on the development of the economy, hope to get China��s support and help and Aquino Unlike a stupid pig, Duterte is a civilian. He has not forgotten the humiliation and misfortune of the Philippines in the history of American occupation, slavery, and oppression, and has not forgotten the poverty, backwardness, and suffering suffered in the colonial era of the United States. There is a strong desire to change the face of the Philippines. Aquino is a slinger. He has never lost his or her own success. Only when the slave talent Duterte visited China, he promised to "solve through the talks." The disputes and differences in the South China Sea, and said that "no longer continue to engage in joint military exercises with the United States." For such leaders, China will certainly give appropriate support and assistance to him. This fully shows that the United States has put a When a small country is a gun, it is used as a cannon fodder, and it does not hesitate to harm the interests of other countries for its own interests. There is a saying in China that "there is a slap in the face", and the countries of the world see that the United States is so detrimental and will certainly be far away from him. For example, Park Geun-hye forgot that the backstage of his son, Park Chung-hee, was killed in the United States and continued to be pregnant with Americans. The "stupid scorpion" drilled will inevitably become less and less! Park Geun-hye has not only caused strong opposition from China and Russia in the international arena because of the introduction of the "Sade" system of the United States, but also caused strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition from the people in the country Marlboro 100'S Carton. Boycott, her support rate is only a quarter. Only one out of every four people supports her. Because she took the initiative to put her country in the position of the target, it is also a very stupid behavior. For a country��s head of state, Duterte��s swearing in public is not necessarily appropriate. He��s yelling at the United States and saying that President Obama��s ��is a scorpion�� is not necessarily the case, Obama is not a scorpion, we No matter what, however, this at least illustrates Duterte��s outspokenness and anger. On the one hand, the United States always takes the world police as its own, and the police in its own country can shoot innocent blacks at will, and it can��t solve the domestic ethnic conflicts. They don��t say it themselves. They arbitrarily accused other countries of "human rights" and intervened in the Philippine anti-drug and anti-drug activities. On the Diaoyu Islands issue, they first said "no election," and later It is said that the "Japan-US Security Agreement" also applies to the Diaoyu Islands. On the one hand, it hopes that China will rise peacefully, hopes to see a prosperous China, and engages in "Asian rebalancing" while yelling against terrorism and supporting Syrian anti-government organizations. Persevere in the position of Assad; while engaging in military blackmail, engaging in joint military exercises By Newport 100, and practicing freedom in the South China Sea, one side has done everything possible to make waves in the South China Sea. Their behaviors are different, their words and deeds, and their inconsistencies are really unclear, and they do make people in the world feel righteous. Recently, in the general elections of the United States, the "democracy" and "republican" parties exchanged each other, exposed each other, and bite each other. They exposed their own false face completely to the people of the world and expressed their "democratic election." "The insider is dirty and shameful, and it also shows the despicable nature of imperialism." It is conceivable that their decay, decline, and decline are inevitable. Like colonialism has collapsed, like their failure on the South China Sea issue, the decline of US imperialism will surely become a reality in the near future. "The body of the enemy is not destroyed, and the United States does not change its course." The final result, the ending, the end, will be very poor, very sad, very miserable! The great cause of the Chinese people, no matter who they use, what means they use, or what conspiracy to use, cannot be stopped. Under the leadership of the great Communist Party of China, under the encouragement of the 25,000-year long march of the Chinese Workers and Peasants Red Army, "two hundred The goal of the year will surely be realized Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Free Shipping.