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often told me to
« เมื่อ: กรกฎาคม 10, 2019, 08:52:12 AM »
often told me to introduce this person. Once there was a encounter with a piece of art mokingusacigarettes.com, they even talked about it, as if they were confidants. Although this person did not come out of Alibaba, but also ran out of business in a big company, what is he selling, selling high-end art. A work of art is thousands of people Online Cigarettes, his business is doing very well, and he used the method he used to run the business. He registered a company and then packaged himself, such as a large venue, such as a car. Then I often go to the mixed business meeting, go to the meeting everywhere, go to other people to attend classes, such as a meeting, before the meeting, the business card will be sent once, and then will call later. Really don't say, there are really a lot of bosses looking for him to buy the artwork. There are many more to find him to buy and take gifts. In fact, he was very ordinary, but because he was used to big companies, he was used to taking the initiative and was used to finding accurate customers. So what he did was done. But to be honest, in fact, the cost is very small. I am not talking about the low cost of his products, but the things he did. The cost is very small, but maybe the opportunity is coming. Now he has opened three companies. Of course, he does not care, or study every day, meeting. Because he has always believed that it is his precise customer. He has always believed that if there are rich people, he can bring him a lot. Think about it, ourselves, if we go to a meeting, we will send a business card. Certainly not. I sent a business card, we will contact you when we come back. It shouldn't be, we don't have the habit of doing it at all Parliament Cigarettes. But they are different. Chatting strangers into friends, chatting with friends, becoming customers, becoming lifelong customers, even customer partners. And all this is that he attended the meeting, he called, we also attended the meeting, but we did not gain much. If we think that he is only good with us alone, then it is wrong. He is like this to many people. The last time coffee came to Fuzhou, he was always studying business models. He said that if you open a small shop and your business is doing well, you can earn 300,000 a year, then how can you earn 1 million? Many people will think that if you open another 3, you will be fine. Because 4, a family of 300,000, and then remove the labor, the salary of the person, there can be 1 million, more than enough but coffee said, this is not the fastest, but also to pressure the funds Cigarettes For Sale. I said, how to do it, he said, in fact, it should be to play agents to join Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Because many people actually have money in their hands, they did not expect that if they invest 100,000 yuan and earn 300,000 a year, many people are willing to vote. Our family receives 50,000 a year and closes at the end of the year. And all the dishes must come in from us. Many people outside must follow our charter to start a business. If you can say this in person, many people will join, and for that boss, in fact, they don��t pay much, and copying his method to others is fine. There is no loss to him, and he earns a long time. Does anyone have to do it, someone really does, so coffee says that the model is very important. Many people are different from the entrepreneur above, that is, as we did at the beginning, we always think, we can There are a few more than a few, and two of them are two. Earn less than 1 million, we will earn 400,000 first, and the bitterness will pass. But as we will see later, in fact, many things really don't need us to be so bitter. A lot of things can actually be outsourced, a lot of things, a small step, a small cost can be fixed or not like a person who wants to fall in love, and do not take the initiative, wait for it, etc., the university graduated in 4 years, graduated and found I am so stupid
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Re: often told me to
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