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หัวข้อ: Einstein once said
เริ่มหัวข้อโดย: ylq ที่ มิถุนายน 04, 2019, 08:52:46 AM
Einstein once said: "Interest is the best teacher!" Although it is good to be interested, but the interest is excellent, elegant and vulgar, and there is a far-reaching difference. And the elegant interest is the cornerstone of our success. The vulgar interest will make us go astray, so we have to choose good interests and let him be the cornerstone of your success. Zou Tao, the outstanding journalist of our country Cigarettes Online (http://www.vipusacigarettes.com/), was a child. My father hoped that he could become an engineer, so he sent him to study physics mathematics, but he was not interested in physics and mathematics, and he loved the greenhouse. After he graduated from junior high school, he studied the history of literature and later learned something. If he didn't study the history of literature, but became an engineer, maybe he would be very good Newport 100S (http://www.cigarettesusastore.com/), but he would never love his professional and elegant interest like literature and history. It will make our hearts full of sunshine, even in the winter. The fragrance, the interest will generate motivation, and we will go to the pursuit of dreams until success. So elegant interest is the cornerstone of our success. France's famous playwright Moli��re, his father is an interior decorator, his father and elementary school essay father hopes to inherit his father's business Parliament Cigarettes (http://www.salesmoking.com/), but Molly is hot in the opera. His father once severely criticized him mokingusacigarettes.com (http://www.smokingusacigarettes.com/), something old. Tears asking for him, and the teacher came forward to persuade him to correct Carton Of Cigarettes (http://www.smokingusacigarettes.com/), he told his father sincerely that he had no interest in doing business and liked comedy. He ruled out all kinds of difficulties and finally became a comedian that the people loved. If Mo Lie did not choose drama, but he did business, maybe he would succeed, but he would not be as famous as a dramatist, if Mo Lie was at the beginning Without choosing a drama, we will not see so many, such good dramas. The British chemist David Young was very interested in scientific experiments, so he diligently studied and worked hard to find new elements such as potassium, sodium and calcium. After a fame, he began to have an interest in something unrelated to science. He gave up. Research, and finally went astray. From David, we can see that interest is not all good. Those vulgar interests will be that you are going astray, getting farther and farther from the road to success, and becoming a stumbling block for you. When choosing interest, we should choose Those who are good for the body and mind, imagine that if David does not have an interest in science-independent things, is it that he finds that the law of material conservation is him? Because of interest, we are passionate about life, because we are interested, some People will have great achievements in their lives, and because of their interest, some people feel that they are defeated and have no regrets, so we must cultivate our own elegant interest, let us be more colorful, let us come from the midpoint of success. The closer it is.

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