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หัวข้อ: of rain, and countless
เริ่มหัวข้อโดย: ylq ที่ ตุลาคม 23, 2019, 01:22:19 PM
The pleasure of being happy is the elf of life. He takes you to the depths of the imaginary jungle and leads you to appreciate the natural mystery and lead you into the hall of knowledge. The book is the embodiment of this happy and refined, he made me intoxicated, and the cover is a green leaf-like butterfly, just as the content inside is full of life. That's right, this is Fabre's Insects. I read those fresh and witty sentences as if they came to the wonderful nature. The insects are free and happy, and the brilliance of life is a touching story on the beautiful stage of nature. The diligent and arrogant family, the quietly dedicated flies, the compassionate worms Carton Of Cigarettes (http://www.smokingusacigarettes.com/)... The words of human thought and the magical natural story have become a melodic movement. The humorous and funny tone is always unbearable. Here, the beauty of nature is combined with the color of the text, and the world of life is presented. The wonders that make me happy to open the deep red and simple book suddenly make me immerse myself in another distant world. Feel the high point of "seeing the South Mountain under the Chrysanthemum, and enjoy the Nanshan" Marlboro Lights (http://www.cigarettesusaonline.com/). Taste the taste of "Drunk is not in the wine, care about the landscape," and appreciate the "green tree village edge, Qingshan Guo Wai", aftertaste "The people are busy with sweet-scented osmanthus flowers, and the night is quiet and the mountains are empty." The poems that swayed and swayed and swayed, and the music in them were so beautiful. He interprets human wisdom in the interlacing between black and white, and it is such a beautiful realm, sighing, calling The gods went to a book, a cup of tea, a torrent of rain, and countless pleasant afternoons in the ink aroma of the book, in the elegant musk, in the rainy and dry, quietly slipped away Marlboro Gold (http://www.cigarettesusaonline.com/marlboro-gold-online_c4). My thoughts, like the line of broken kites, can't be seen at the end. After the ups and downs of the ups and downs, I finally wrap around the branches of happiness. Books are really fun and enjoyment.
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