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I don't know how to define this old man, just let her "steal the flower". Maybe you also saw her at the funeral. In the flying dust raised by the firecrackers, in the sorrow of the sky Marlboro Cigarettes (http://www.webvipsmoking.com/), she and The old people of the same status, carrying wreaths, walking at the very end of the funeral process, are rushing, but how to keep up, can not keep up with the front team. In fact, this is not their main business, their real work, in fact It started at night. (B) The first time I saw her, she was in the aunt's flower shop.
It was at the time of June, and the day was very hot. Except for the sound, no other sound could be heard. I was left to see the store, one person, lying on the wicker chair, the electric fan tried to squat, but the wind blowing was as hot as it was. I was groggy and looked at indiscriminately. Far away, I saw that from the other side of the street, there was a person. Of course, the road is very empty, and the more empty, the more you see the thin figure. He licked his back and bulged, not knowing what it was, and he walked very slowly. Going closer, I can see clearly that it is an old man. On the back is a large green woven belt, which seems to have a wooden stick-like thing straight out, perhaps cutting wood, I think so. However, she is very skilled in the direction of the store, not like the way to buy things - in fact, in my opinion, she can not afford the price of the funeral supplies owner? "When I thought about it mokingusacigarettes.com (http://www.smokingusacigarettes.com/), the old man had already walked into the store. At this time I could see her appearance more clearly. The hair was not all white, but a dry gray, like a fire. Like the wood ash, it was messy, and the face was reddened by the sun, showing the beauty of a cooked crab. The sweat was embedded in every wrinkle, and it felt sticky at a glance. "No, what do you want to buy?" "Although I hate it a bit, but out of courtesy, I still have to answer it symbolically. "My aunt said, if you want to buy something, just say it to me. "It turned out to be the boss's nephew!" The old man's tone immediately changed. I have to be a little diligent, but the hoarse vibrato makes me very unaccustomed. "Then did your aunt tell you that a person named ���㡯 would come?�� the old man asked. This seems to be there. I recalled that when the aunt went out, he said that this person came over and let her get it. In this case, I nodded. Then she put down the bag, I can see the branches of the flowers in the vague, but I don't know what it is. She wiped the sweat with a white rag on the faucet, and the white rag was wiped out. I frowned, and she smiled at me and bowed her head. This made me very disgusted. At this time, a bicycle was riding over. It turned out to be my classmate and called me to drink cold drinks. I think that since the old man was trusted by his aunt, there is nothing to prevent. I asked her to look at the store and walk with her classmates. When I left, I heard a "bang". One time, the old man pulled down the shutter door of the shop and saw her again, that is, the evening after three months. The old look, a large woven bag, covered with an old school uniform that didn't know where it came from, and red blood on his eyes. Three months, it seems to be a few years old. She said that she had to do something here, and she had already been approved by her aunt. I didn��t say much, and continued to play with my mobile phone. She looked out from the store first, determined that no one, quickly came in, the lights turned on, the faint white light, it looked very humble, but when she pulled the shutter door down again, the light was immediately obvious, bright white The piece covered the entire house. At this time Cigarettes Online (http://www.vipusacigarettes.com/), the old man's expression calmed down. She bent down and knelt down, carefully unbuttoning the woven bag, but there was still a layer inside. When she was completely open, I saw a large piece of yellow and white, staggered horizontally, some There are also green flower mud and brown soil, and some grass forests are attached to it. "Where are you going to school?" When the old man dismissed the button, he began to talk to me. "XX Middle School." I replied. "That place is good!" The old man seemed to be very interested. "I heard that the students in that school can get a good university, and then have a good job, you don't have to be so tired like me." With one breath, he said: "If Jane can go to such a school, it would be fine." She said, she began to hold a handful of flowers and spread it on the concrete floor. She knelt down and picked up the flowers. These unidentified flowers were somewhat damaged. They are all chrysanthemums, some just drop a few petals, and some have only one small flower. The petals of a place, looking a little messy. "You are so tall, it must be very popular in school!" I don't know why, the old man asked such a strange question, and it was the hoarse tone of trembling, which made me somewhat unaware of how to answer. "Well - no." I replied, "What are you doing with these flowers?" I hurriedly opened the subject. She seems to be somewhat unwilling, and she said to herself, "If Zhenzhen can find such a good person, it would be fine." She did not seem to hear my problem, and she lowered her head and began to make some damaged. When the petals went, she licked so hard that her fingers were wet with the green juice and penetrated into the nails. As for the flower buds, she also used toothpicks and branches to connect, the whole process is very skilled, the fluorescent lamp shines on her thin shadow and looks like a devout believer. I repeated it again and she reacted. "Oh, these flowers, of course, are for sale. Two dollars are tied, very valuable!" She said with some smugly "Where did the flowers come from?" I continued to ask. In fact, at the beginning, I was very curious about the origins of these flowers.

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