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หัวข้อ: After a person has
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After a person has fallen from the mother's body, like a boat in the same leaf, slowly stepping into the ocean of life under the care of his loved ones. It is carried on the boat of parents and relatives, and lives in peace and quiet, enjoying this wonderful time without any worries. Even when you are in a bad mood, give your loved ones a "water" and let them laugh and cry; or toss them, let them worry about their own troubles, work hard, and instinct them to create a good environment and atmosphere for themselves, but they No regrets, no fun. With the increase of age and the broadening of knowledge, people's eyes will be farther and farther away, no longer satisfied with the care of parents and relatives, and they are eagerly awaiting to get rid of their parents' "shackles" and live "freedom." Life; no longer satisfied with the "shallow water" life, driving with a leafless boat alone, rushing into the "deep water area, a sense of joy and solitude, full of life, and strive for a better future The driver's own boat sailed forward and proudly admired the beauty of life. He thought that he had made the limelight. After a good life, he enjoyed his time and fresh, and ushered in the first of his life. After a gust of wind, there was a torrential rain falling from the sky, and there was a lot of trouble. Then there might be a series of blows that made the boat self-sufficient and even in jeopardy. Suddenly, the brain was looking forward to returning to the harbor-home, sheltering from the wind and rain. Enjoy the warmth of the home, the warmth of the loved ones. Can not help but tears down the rain, telling their loved ones their grievances, the bones feel The home is a gentle and happy harbor, and it is a solid backing forever. After the whole body relaxes, under the care of your loved ones, slowly cultivate the injured limbs or souls; or feel no face, not swear, quietly The ground alone stayed in the corner and quietly raised the wounds Cigarettes Online (http://www.vipusacigarettes.com/). The loved ones silently cared for and silently cared for the wounded body to heal quickly; the heart did feel that the home was a happy harbor, the most sincere and unselfish in the world, no Seeking the return of the home, there is happiness in the family. The boat of life will go farther and farther with the growth of age, and constantly experience the baptism of wind and rain, making life more and more heavy, hot and strong. But in the end, from time to time, I will be concerned about the harbor that returns to my soul. The boat that floats in the sea of ??life alone, constantly avoids the reefs and the shoals, and suffers from the ups and downs of life. In the process of sailing, I may encounter a I am similar to the small boat floating in the wind and rain, each other has a heart, love each other, slowly loving each other. In the end, the two boats are combined into one, two love each other. Driving a boat together - marriage, the ideal marriage to the other side is like a boat in the lake and the sea, a man and a woman on the boat, is the husband and wife in life. They have a paddle, struggle forward, who are tired of each other At that time, you can take a hand and rest on your shoulders for a while; the two will cope with the turbulent waves in the course of life; together they will face the infinitely beautiful scenery Newport Cigarettes Coupons (http://www.salesmoking.com/), enjoy the joy of life, and taste the sour, sweet, bitter and spicy of life. The millennium has been repaired with the same boat. The husband and wife are not necessarily emotionally forever, but they will always be in love with each other, knowing the cold, knowing each other, loving each other, raising the healthy growth of the children, supporting the elderly, and walking through the journey of life, from thin to thick; It is deep and strong. The journey of life is destined to be dependent on each other. The years make the passion fade, but the emotions become stronger and stronger, and the couples who are full of scented scent in the same leaf boat bear the obligation to bear and the mission of the person responsible. Mutual tolerance and mutual patience make the boat sailing more stable and safe. The life is destined to be the person on the boat of life. There is a need for a long-lasting, full-bodied patience and tolerance that turns a wayward girl into a capable wife; making a young man a rock-solid man a rock-solid man. Along with the stumbling, the crying of the children, and the close relationship between the various relationships Wholesale Cigarettes (http://www.cigarettesusaonline.com/), the family's leaf boat became a huge ship, resisting all kinds of possible "fission", bearing the cold and loneliness, paying for it without complaints. Repentance experienced the baptism of the stormy waves, experienced the tempering of the wind and rain, and made the journey of life more exciting, the boat of life became more solid, showing the smoothness of love; the boat of life is more moist and beautiful.
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