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หัวข้อ: This place in Luoyang
เริ่มหัวข้อโดย: ylq ที่ กรกฎาคม 10, 2019, 08:52:21 AM
This place in Luoyang has been visited two or three times and can still be gone. On the winter, I traveled to the White Horse Temple, which was also a cold and cold weather. Buddhism is pure, but see the masters of the three, three and two, with gray and green, dark red, and talk. This year, Luo, it is rumbling winter, friends said, the weather is so cold, it is not a good time to visit the park, repeatedly invited me to the home. I thanked her for her kindness and thought about it. I must go to visit the famous Longmen Longmen. I used to call it Yiwu in the ancient times. Because the Yihe River was divided into mountains, it was named because of the portal to Luodu. . In fact, I am not here for the first time. When I was young, my grandparents came with me. I still have a vague impression when I look at the photos. When I was in college, I also came to a friend. When I was busy, I was too busy. Now, my mood is so quiet and bright, watching people are people, watching the mountains are mountains, just no matter how good I am and Zhou Zhou take the bus to the scenic spot, there is a red boy in the front row, very young, I thought he It must have been a person, but he walked in front of us all the way, but it was one person, but he also invited the tour guide to explain it. It was really interesting. Another family with a southern accent brought the children to play Parliament Cigarettes (http://www.salesmoking.com/). Every time the mother went to the place, she had to take out the information she had found online. In detail, the children laughed and laughed. I and Zhou Zhou went very slowly. When I saw the railing, I had to lean on it. I saw the chair and I had to sit down. I saw that the card should stop and see. This is really the benefit of the off-season tour, but see the Dongshan mountain green, snowy, Xiangshan Temple in the middle of the mountain, red slabs, do not have a taste. Closer, Yishuiyu, there are egrets standing on one foot, and the small wild ducks are happy to catch fish. It turned out that the beauty of winter, the trees in this mountain river are also Xiao Xiao, but there is a lively business. We look at the scenery all the way, all the way to see the cave, the big Buddha statue is not missed. Although I don't understand the Buddhist scriptures, the cave culture is deeply shocked by the beauty of this sculpture. Lu met a tour guide, thinking about listening to one ear and leaving, but the tour guide was really lively and interesting, but it was followed all the way. The tour guide is well-dressed, looks ordinary, looks like a trip to a Luoyang person, can be close, but can go deep into the simple, the history of the cave from the Northern Wei to the Tang and Song Dynasties Newport Cigarettes (http://www.buyusacigarettes.com/), I think I have done enough homework. Not only are we going back to the draft Cigarettes Online (http://www.vipusacigarettes.com/), but the team is growing stronger. At the end of the explanation Online Cigarettes (http://www.webvipsmoking.com/), everyone will go to the tour guide, film. The tour guide said that there is no business card, only the name is Martin, and left a call for everyone. There is an aunt who wants him to leave a word mokingusacigarettes.com (http://www.smokingusacigarettes.com/). He laughs and says that he is ugly. I listened and laughed at his humble and lovely guide. When I went to the East Cave, Zhou Zhou and I went to the East Cave. The East Cave was carved after Tang Wuzhou. Many folk sculptures are not as artistic as the Western Caves, but from the east to the west, the panoramic view is very spectacular. Leaning on the mountain, I went to Xiangshan Temple. Because it is halfway up the mountain, it will take a lot of effort to climb up, but the railings on both sides have "Rao Yi Pedestrians, exactly Chang Le" and other Buddhas say slang, tired and can be based on thinking. Xiangshan Temple was built on the ground, high and low, and the white snow was not changed. The far view was very beautiful from Xiangshan Temple, and it was not far away, so it went to White Garden. Baiyuan is the cemetery of the great poet Bai Juyi. He lived in Luoyang for 18 years in his later years and loved the mountains and rivers. The wills were willing to accompany Xiangshan, and later generations buried them on the peak. The white garden has a quiet environment, with mountains and pines and literati inscriptions. Every time I go to this, I hate that I have less reading, no culture, no traditional characters, and I don��t recognize the conjoined characters. I don��t want to pretend to be a scholar. But when I change my mind, I forgive myself as an ordinary person. I am still excited to go to the garden. Even Zhou Yixiao, Bai Juyi has a saying, saying that Luoyang��s four suburbs are the best in the mountains and rivers. The beauty of Yilu, the uniqueness of the caves in the world, has a constant view in the landscape, the characters have the usual feelings, even our ordinary tourists, in which it is also a beautiful.
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